A Possible Solution

Many people might feel it is easy to sit on the sidelines and criticise the efforts of others while offering no solution yourself. We are saying this proposed constitution is the wrong direction for the party. We are saying it has been created without membership consultation or engagement. It is a decree from above of how the leadership of the party plan to centralize the party and all its decision making. Do we offer however,an alternative solution?

An Alternative Solution

  • The party leadership agrees to withdraw the proposed constitution,
  • As a result of the withdrawal, all current elements of the Constitution remain in force,
  • Under Section 28, Subsection 1 of the current Constitution, the Council of Presidents has the authority to create Committees. The Party provides sufficient resources to the Council of Presidents to create two (2) committees, one(1) for Constitution, and one(1) for By-laws & Governance,
  • Each committee would be comprised of;
    • the leadership of the Council,
    • one(1) EDA President from each province or territory,
    • two(2)  representatives from the National Board,
    • one(1) representative from each Commission.
  • The Committees would be provided a period not to exceed 12 months to create a Constitution, Bylaws and Governance structure which all levels of the party embrace and agree upon,
  • A national electronic conference is called, delegates proceed to local locations where local meetings are connected by technology to create a national conference. Since the documents have been created by and with the full input of all levels of the party, acceptance should be high. After passage, all levels know where they, and the party stand going forward towards our election planning in 2018 and victory as a united party in 2019.

Author: admin@l-m-m.ca

My first campaign was in 1972 in Scarborough East for Martin O'Connell. We weren't successful that time, however, 2 years later we were and Martin went off to join Trudeau the Elder in Ottawa, ultimately as a Cabinet Minister. I have played various roles in the party since then with one over riding consideration. I have always considered myself a Liberal. At times I found my loyalty tested by behaviour within the party, other times my pride swelled. However, this power grab by a few unelected individuals at the top of the power cannot go unchallenged.

One thought on “A Possible Solution”

  1. Thank you Tom for so adequately detailing the “problem” and providing a most reasonable solution:- after the constitution proposal is “withdrawn”, to have the Council of Presidents given the duty of developing a new constitution over a 12 month time period and then allowing an electronic membership vote.
    As stated previously, after all the energy, time, and money many of us have contributed to the LPC, to have this “proposal” presented with minimal consultation to a convention that eliminates all but the affluent with its $900 registration fee, is to me audacious beyond belief by those proclaiming to live by “Liberal Values”.

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