When is a survey not a survey?

The Liberal Party has made a lot of claims surrounding their recent survey of the membership. During a recent National Town Hall Telephone call, LPC National President stated that there were actually two surveys conducted. These two surveys yielded approximately 2000 responses. So based on less than 5% of the national membership and less than .5% of the number of ‘Supporting’ members the LPC considers this to be consultation. However, many people who actually saw the survey have serious problems with it. Further many members never even saw it.

In my EDA of Kingston and the Islands I first became aware of the survey when the President at the time, sent me an email which he had received from another member asking if we had seen it. We were concerned that neither the President or Vice-President received the survey, at the time both of us were also registered as Delegates to the Biennial Convention in Winnipeg. Once we had an opportunity to read the survey we had even more concerns as it seemed very unbalanced. Here is a copy of the LPC Survey  upon which you can decide for yourself if you feel it is a balanced survey or whether it is designed to produce the results which the party desired.

At the Annual General Meeting for Kingston and the Islands, then President Ron Hartlng, posed a question to the assembled members as to how many had received a copy of the survey, 6 of 65 members raised their hands of having seen the survey. Such a small number certainly does not support any claim of the survey representing the wishes or feelings of the members.

Author: admin@l-m-m.ca

My first campaign was in 1972 in Scarborough East for Martin O'Connell. We weren't successful that time, however, 2 years later we were and Martin went off to join Trudeau the Elder in Ottawa, ultimately as a Cabinet Minister. I have played various roles in the party since then with one over riding consideration. I have always considered myself a Liberal. At times I found my loyalty tested by behaviour within the party, other times my pride swelled. However, this power grab by a few unelected individuals at the top of the power cannot go unchallenged.

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