Why Vote NO!

This is perhaps the most common question faced by those of us who are openly expressing concern about the lack of member consultation and engagement in the process of developing this proposed constitution.

This Biennial Convention has the potential to be the most divisive in many years. However, those opposing it see no option. When the issue first arose there was much anticipation that the vote would split along a “generational divide” however this has not proven to be the case. Instead, positions have largely developed along what what has been termed “experiential divide”.

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A Possible Solution

Many people might feel it is easy to sit on the sidelines and criticise the efforts of others while offering no solution yourself. We are saying this proposed constitution is the wrong direction for the party. We are saying it has been created without membership consultation or engagement. It is a decree from above of how the leadership of the party plan to centralize the party and all its decision making. Do we offer however,an alternative solution?

An Alternative Solution

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Who Is Liberal Members Matter?

Liberal Members Matter is a completely grass roots organization which came together under a common theme to resist the omnibus document which the party Leader through the National board is attempting to decree from above. L-M-M is comprised of EDA Presidents, Commission Leaders, Delegates and long time party supporters who all share a common objection to process by which the party leadership is proposing to replace our entire constitution.