The smoking gun???

Ever since this omnibus constitution was unveiled to the membership I have wondered what the true agenda was. The party leadership likes to use terms like “Modernization”, however, any experienced leader knows that this is just a political spin word that really means nothing. Whether a Corporate entity or a Political party, when an organization undertakes a massive restructuring of power and control there must be a reason. During our discussions amongst many Liberals across the country I often posed the question, “Why are they doing this? What is the real agenda? Well it seems one of my fellow Liberals may have stumbled onto something.

Is it the smoking gun, or are we just conspiracy theorists? However, for the future of the party we all care about please be patient. The leadership is determined at all costs to force a new constitution upon the party. Whether the membership support it or not. This document moves most of the control to the top of the party. The Leader or their appointees will have the ultimate control of the party. What it means to be a Liberal, the values and principles will be gone. An unelected entity shall have ultimate authority over the party, even the membership at convention can be overruled by the Permanent Appeals Committee.

The question then is, what does this mean?

  • With control in the hands of a select few,
  • rules can be changed by the National Board without repeal by the membership available for up to 2 years,
  • an unelected entity has the ultimate decisions of all matters pertaining to the party,
  • The principles we live by are gone,
  • what it means to be a Liberal in Canada will be gone,
  • grassroots control or input weakened or eliminated.

This sounds like a party perfectly positioned for a merger. With the Greens? The NDP? Who knows, however, with all of those pesky rights of members gone, the party leadership will have a free hand to reshape our party in their own image.


My first campaign was in 1972 in Scarborough East for Martin O'Connell. We weren't successful that time, however, 2 years later we were and Martin went off to join Trudeau the Elder in Ottawa, ultimately as a Cabinet Minister. I have played various roles in the party since then with one over riding consideration. I have always considered myself a Liberal. At times I found my loyalty tested by behaviour within the party, other times my pride swelled. However, this power grab by a few unelected individuals at the top of the power cannot go unchallenged.

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