What the members wanted, not what they received.

In 2012 at the Ottawa Biennial Convention, the Ontario PTA proposed a policy on Democratic Renewal within the party. This proposal was subsequently given number 18 and was listed among the policies Policy-resolutions-2012-Ottawa-en for debate. You will find Proposal number 18 on page 29 of the resolutions.

Policy number 18 was subsequently discussed and debated and based on the information I have, was passed by a vote of 2,640 (80%) of the voting delegates. It was listed among the successful Policy Resolutions 2012 Policy-Results for the Ottawa Biennial.

The truly unfortunate part, is that if any component of the party; the NBOD, a Commission, the CoP, even a PTA  had picked up the ball, respected the wishes of the membership and created the “Renewal Commission” which the membership requested, today we would not be in the position that the party finds itself.

Author: admin@l-m-m.ca

My first campaign was in 1972 in Scarborough East for Martin O'Connell. We weren't successful that time, however, 2 years later we were and Martin went off to join Trudeau the Elder in Ottawa, ultimately as a Cabinet Minister. I have played various roles in the party since then with one over riding consideration. I have always considered myself a Liberal. At times I found my loyalty tested by behaviour within the party, other times my pride swelled. However, this power grab by a few unelected individuals at the top of the power cannot go unchallenged.

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